Chart A Different Flight Path For Your Organization

Business Focused HR Solutions

Your Partner For The Entire (or Part) Of The HR Value Chain

HR, though understated, is most often the key variable defining the success of a business. Our experience shows that where people are involved, “one-size fits all” policy does not work.

Before providing solutions, we engage deeply with our clients to understand the business in various contexts and the values inherent to the organisation.

Based on our understanding, we deploy our Solutions customized to your organization guided by our Core unique model of 4C & foreSEE – Context, Competency, Culture, Cost and Speed, Execution, and Excellence.


Organization & Mapping HR Ops

  • Right Organization Structure
  • Hiring & Onboarding

Talent Management & Leadership Development

  • Talent Management
  • KRA-KPI Based PMS
  • Learning & Development

Employee Engagement

  • Rewards & Reprimands
  • Employee Connect

Compensation & Benefits Management

  • Payroll Management
  • Analytics
  • New Wage Codes


  • Automation
  • Cost Optimization

Change Management

  • Map & Manage Organizational Dynamics