Promoting Collective Well-Being & Growth

Mental Health

Building Positive Reinforcement

Taking care of the wellbeing of the employees results in increase in productivity.

Many businesses take efforts for the physical wellbeing of their employees;  however, mental health is largely  ignored at the workplace. Mental Health impacts the physical health of employees too.

The current lifestyles of employees alongwith family stress and workplace stress are now increasingly impacting the mental health of the employees. It is now imperative for employers to address the  issue of mental health.

Our Services

Partnership with you

We help organisations reduce the adverse impact on employees’ mental health with a partnership with you.

Our model is to Approach, Assess, Align, and Act towards employee mental health & well-being.

Our Specialists

Our team of Specialists provides

  • Counselling
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Emotional Development Training
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Organizational Behaviour

Approach | Assess | Align | Act

We carry out the initial mental health assessments using scientific and well tested methods and help in identification of causes of  mental health issues.

We design organizational framework and roadmap to promote mental health and well being customized to your organization. 

Support from Specialists

Mental health issues have many stigmas and misconceptions attached to them which need to be addressed before the issues can be treated.

Our team of experts would assist in sensitising the employees and train and coach employees to deal with worry, fear, anxiety and stress thereby increasing the productivity of the organisation.

As and when necessitated our team of experts can offer special tailormade programs to address the mental health issues.

Organizational Benefits

Results in

    • improving Emotional Intelligence,
    • better non-verbal communication,
    • become aware of sexual harassment,
    • build inclusivity & diversity and
    • move towards progressive leadership