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What WE Do

SME’s   face a few challenges like  generating sufficient regular cash flows, attracting talented employees and easy adaptability to changing legal rules and regulations.

However, SME’s need to have in place proper policies and framework relating to manpower and an proper organization structure to succeed and grow.

Thus allowing us to manage the  manpower requirements would help SME’s concentrate on their core areas at the same time ensuring that they get the best manpower services support of the highest standards at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Chief Human Resources Officer

SMEs require the services of an experienced and talented Human resource Head but are usually unable to attract and retain them. 

We offer the services of Virtual Human Resource Officer which  provides SME’s the experience and talent that they need and works out to be the most optimum and cost effective solution.

Manpower Planning & Cost Optimisation

With the expertise of our in-house team, we are in a position to offer various manpower services on a need basis to SME’s like organization structuring, manpower planning, and leadership development.

SMEs can avail of our services for all their people processes from entry to exit on a need basis ……We are just a call away!

Entry to Exit Support

SMEs can avail of our services for all their people processes from entry to exit.

Navigate complex Labour Laws

SME’s often struggle to keep  pace with the everchanging labor laws and any non-compliance attracts stiff penalties. With the help of our expert team which is updated on the various labour laws we ensure compliance of all labour law requirements  of SME clients thereby reducing the cost of  non-compliance.