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Executive Search

Our 4 C & foreSEE Model

Getting the wrong Leaders up the corporate ladder is very scary for every type of Organization. We deploy our unique model across all services with special emphasis on leadership hiring


1) We develop a comprehensive understanding of the business Context for which the candidate is to be hired. This includes in-depth analysis of business strategy, functional strategy, objectives, goals, and current challenges.

2) Based on Business context, we do a comprehensive job analysis for the position and develop a successful model for the incumbent using our Competency framework.

3) We dive deep to understand Organization Culture, identify & map success attributes within the organization and match them with the prospective candidate’s values and beliefs

4) We propose Candidate Cost based on the market mapping, economic value addition and internal parity

Based on the above factors, we submit a summary report on the role and fitment of the candidate to the client


we ensure that the Speed of our Execution is not compromised, but delivered with Excellence allowing you to not just stay ahead of the competition, but thrive while doing it.


Executive Search Services

1. Project Definition

  • Shaping of the position profile
  • Definition of core competencies

2. Analysis & Planning

  • Definition of target industries
  • Specification and proposal

3. Identification of Candidates

  • Systematic search and solution
  • Contact and interviews

4. Selection of Candidates

  • Candidate evaluation & confidential report
  • Presentation of candidate & reference check

5. Finalization

  • Consult on candidate compensation

  • Help Rollout offer

6. Follow Up

  • Post-Closing report
  • Systematic follow-ups